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Mediterra Books is characterized by professionalism and consistency. It employs highly skilled, quality associates throughout all the stages of the publishing process. You can count on them 100% to produce the optimal results.

Aggeliki Vouloumanou (Publication Consultant for Alki Zei’s books), Bookboom

Finding the Mediterra publishing team (thanks to a dear friend) was like meeting Ariadne at the gates of the Labyrinth. Without their skills, advice, guidance and patience I would never have been able successfully to navigate the complexities of printing a book on the internet. I will forever be grateful and thank them for a job well done!

Amb. Thomas J. Scotes

“I was introduced to Mediterra Books by an old friend. I was happily surprised to find a fully cooperative, honest and friendly spirit to work with. The demand for reasonable pricing din’t diminish the need for a first class quality of workmanship for all the various stages of publication of my book. I recommend Mediterra Books with absolute certainty that it will offer the best services to all aspiring authors.”

Nicholas A Biniaris

“Mediterra Books is an honest and efficient company that helped me publish on a book (ISOMETRICA) completed 10 years ago (while I still lived and worked in USA) and produced with software already outdated 20+ years ago!”

George Baloglou

Working in cooperation with the entire team of Mediterra Books has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far. They helped me make my dream come true, and I enjoyed every moment of this wonderful journey with them. I look forward to our next collaboration. They have my warm thanks for their professionalism and the love they showed toward both my new endeavor and me.

Marianthe Hassapis

With the joint effort of the Mediterra Books team and Platon Malliagkas’ personal involvement in particular, we succeeded in publishing my book on Amazon. This process, apart from its technical side, also included extensive editing of the translated version of the book by exceptional editors. All this, in combination with the kindness and spirit of cooperation demonstrated by the team of Mediterra Books, created an outstanding result that left me completely satisfied.

Haris Dimiatriadis

When you intersect in time with Mediterra Books, it is always a happy event and a perfect alliance.

Soti Griva

I feel deeply obliged and wish to stress that my collaboration with Mediterra Books was excellent. In particular, I would say that the insightful format suggestions, the corrective interventions, and the responsible, yet friendly, attitude have been the basis for our excellent collaboration. Thank you so much!

Dora Ioannidou

‘My collaboration with Mediterra Books was excellent. Its people are very experienced in the market, and throughout the entire duration of our working together, I felt that their primary goal and guiding principle was customer satisfaction, which is accomplished through the provision of advice, suggestions, and support.’

Anthi Sideri

‘My collaboration with Mediterra Books, both for the English translation of my book as well as its layout, was impeccable. There were many proposals for the book’s layout, given with a friendly attitude and excellent professionalism. I have only the most favorable impressions of the team. I thank them very much.’

Kostas Papapostolou

‘My extensive experience with people in the publishing field allow me to speak with certainty about my excellent collaboration with Mediterra Books and Mr. Platon Malliagkas. This is due not only to the publisher’s high degree of professionalism but also to his choice of associates. I further recommend Mediterra Books for the understanding, respect and confidence that I have experienced on many occasions during our collaboration. ‘Admirable people, admirable results, and admirable associates’: these are the words I would use to describe the team of Mediterra Books.’

Amalia Irene Tzimopoulou