Mediterra Books inform the visitors of the website, in the capacity of data controller, according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the provisions of the existing Greek legislation concerning the protection of personal data, that the personal data of visitors and clients, which are collected during the submission of a quotation request or the provision of publishing and related services to clients and visitors, as well as those assigned after the contracts with the publisher have been concluded, or generally in the context of communication and collaboration with the publisher, are processed as outlined below.


The Data We Collect and How We Use It.

  1. Your full name, e-mail address, and phone number, via the quotation request form for the production of books and related services of our website, via the communication form of our website, via sending an e-mail for all purposes to our company’s e-mail address, and via telephone, if you conduct us through a voice call and provide us with any of your data with your consent.
  2. Records of e-mail correspondence, for the best possible customer service.
  3. The literary or other works entrusted to us, in order to be published in printed or digital form.
  4. Full name, e-mail address, house address, postcode, Tax Identification Number, local Tax Office, phone number, book title, and pen name (if there is one) via a commission contract with our company for the production of books and related services.
  5. The digital files of the body of the book, book cover, and bookmarks related to your book, so that they remain in good condition after their publication, in case there is future need for any editing or reissuing.
  6. Author photographs and biographies, which are essential for their published books and the updating of book databases in Greece and abroad.


Why We Collect Your Data and The Purpose of Their Processing

  1. To send you quotations for the production of books and related services, at your request.
  2. To issue the necessary invoices for the services provided.
  3. To send you newsletters (to our clients and to the visitors of our webpage), upon your written statement that you wish to receive them.
  4. To offer you our services seamlessly and in the best possible quality.


Who Has Access to Your Data


  1. The Data Privacy Officer of our company has access to all of your data mentioned above, if you have provided them to us, with your consent.
  2. Our associates (e.g. graphic designers, proofreaders, etc.) only have access to what data you intend to make public through your books and you wish to have listed on the covers and on the copyright page of your books. This data may be author biographies and their names with the sole purpose of creating the covers and the main body of the books to be published. This data processing by our specified associates occurs under our supervision, and after we have assigned it to them, and is subject to the same policy and level of protection. Our company will never provide third parties with or resell personal data of authors collected for the purpose of sending them quotations from our company or for uninterrupted communication with our clients.
  3. Our associates assigned to data keeping or process them have agreed on a contract basis with our company not to send the personal data of our clients to third parties, to maintain confidentiality, to take the necessary measures to ensure that the data is safe, and comply with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


Sending Personal Data to Third Countries

Your personal data may be sent to third countries outside the EU (European Union) if:

  1. You have assigned us the publishing of your books abroad (for example, via Amazon or another digital publishing platform) or via an advertising platform.
  2. The third country ensures a high level of data protection, comparable to the European Union, by law.
  3. The recipient of the data gives you the necessary guarantees for its storage and processing.
  4. You have provided the necessary authorization to our company on the basis of a relevant agreement.
  5. It is required to exercise our legal rights.
  6. It is required under a transnational contract.


How Long Your Personal Data is Kept

  1. The personal data provided to us with the sole purpose of sending you a quotation for our services which will not subsequently be converted into a contract for a project assignment (e.g. book publishing) will be kept for up to 5 years.
  2. The personal data provided to us for the purpose of publishing and advertising your book will be kept for up to 20 years after the contract has been signed. If, at the end of 20 years, you have pending legal proceedings, either directly or indirectly, the time for storing your data will be extended until a judicial decision has terminated all legal proceedings.


What Are Your Rights With Respect to your Personal Data.

  1. Receive information about what data we store and process, how they are obtained, and for what purpose they are processed, who has access to it, and what your rights are in relation to this data.
  2. Express your opposition to the processing of your stored data.
  3. Request to delete your personal data from our records.
  4. Refer to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) if you believe that our company has infringed your rights.
  5. Make a formal request about its completion or correction if it is incorrect or has changed.
  6. Request to have it transferred to any person in charge of processing it.
  7. Make a formal request to restrict its processing.
  8. Request to make it unavailable to third parties, our partners.


In relation to the above, the following conditions apply: Some of your above-mentioned rights may not be met in the event that your personal data is necessary to be retained by us, only for the uninterrupted continuation of the contract between us, or to offer you the best possible service, or for the possibility of exercising our company’s legal rights.


How You Can Exercise Your Rights

The above rights, i.e. the client’s access to their personal data and the ability to oppose its processing by our company, may be exercised upon submitting a request to our company. We strive to ensure prompt answers to these requests, and within one (1) month upon receipt of the customer’s request.

In case this request requires complex and time-consuming handling, or if there is a large number of corresponding requests, the client will receive a written notice from our company for the delay of our response if this is considered probable.

The client is required to make reasonable requests, and not to obstruct the smooth operation of the company. Otherwise, our company may request the corresponding fee for the work required to meet these requests or refuse to respond.


Personal Data Protection Officer

You may exercise the above rights, after written communication with the Personal Data Protection Office to the following address: 17, Hersikatous Street, 15772, Athens, Greece


or via email to: info [at] (where [at] is to read as the corresponding known symbol not listed here in order to avoid spam emails).


How we protect your privacy

  1. When visiting our website, we explicitly ask you to provide your personal data, after you have assured us that you have read the terms of use of our website.
  2. Your statement of consent to our website, regarding the provision of personal data to our company and its processing, may be revoked whenever you wish.
  3. We apply the appropriate technical methods for the security of your personal data, to safeguard it from possible destruction, malicious interception, alteration, unauthorized dissemination, or unlawful processing.